AFB Launches an App for APH CareerConnect and It’s FREE!

You might be excited or just ecstatic that the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) has just launched the CareerConnect App with some of your favorite features of the CareerConnect resource center. Hold your applause and high-pitched sounds of jubilation for the full deal on this momentous occasion. Am I hyping this app? Oh, yes! But I will tell you that this launch is just the beginning of more great things to come.

AFB has worked hard to include some of the new and exciting features that vision professionals, job seekers, youth, and parents of children who are blind or visually impaired use from CareerConnect. The CareerConnect App includes four main tabs, and it follows the model of the widely used AccessWorld App (a free monthly technology magazine that evaluates mainstream and access technology). AFB’s resident app designer and engineer, William Reuschel, labored over the code and produced this accessible CareerConnect App.

A screen grab showing the CareerConnect Blog interface on the CareerConnect app
Image: A screen grab showing the CareerConnect Blog interface on the CareerConnect app.

Tab 1: CareerConnect Blog

The CareerConnect Blog is the program blog and method for providing current tips and advice about navigating the employment process and updates on CareerConnect and other resources. The CareerConnect Blog launched in summer 2013. It offers great commentary from me, Shannon Carollo, Detra Bannister, and others for the benefit of youth, job seekers, and professionals working with people who are blind or visually impaired. You’re already reading this on our blog, but now you can now access it from the CareerConnect App.

Tab 2: Our Stories

You know and love APH CareerConnect’s Our Stories Section, which is packed with informative and entertaining success stories about our mentors and friends who are blind or visually impaired and successfully employed in various fields. You can now access over 100 of these stories that are organized in clusters. Find out how these successful individuals made it, and learn what their accommodations are on the job.

Tab 3: Lesson Plans for Teachers and Professionals

You’ve used the lessons from the Lesson Plans for Teachers and Professionals Section, and now you can have it when you need it. Teachers, professionals, and family members of children who are blind or visually impaired now have over 80 transition-related lesson plans in their pocket with the CareerConnect App. The lesson plans are broken up into modules or groups of coordinated lessons around different topic areas. Have you wondered, “What should I do with my student today?” I know there were times that I needed a plan B or C on the job. Well, this is that and more. Take the time to explore and use the lessons.

Tab 4: About

This is the tab that gives you background on AFB, CareerConnect, other apps from AFB, and how to contact us. You can provide us with feedback on using the app and its content.

More App News From AFB

You might not have heard the news yet, but the popular AccessNote app is now being offered for free through the Apple App Store, and it will be coming to Android in the very near future. AccessNote a note-taking app designed specifically for people who are blind or visually impaired that offers great searchability and syncing to DropBox. With help from funders, AFB is now able to share this great productivity app with everyone for free. Check it out today.

So, get on it and visit the Apple App Store today to download the FREE CareerConnect App for your iPhone or iPod Touch device. It is the best deal in the App Store, just take my word for it (no bias here at all). Look for more features in the future, as we work to bring you more access to the tools you love and use.