Price of Nice: Assumptions, Reality, and Cost-benefit Analysis of ADA Mandates

In his opinion piece for the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Libertarian political commentator and professor Barry Fagin accused the ADA of trying to achieve a public good through private means, unnecessarily (and unconstitutionally) burdening private citizens with the cost of implementation and adherence. A Look at the Cost High cost is a key sticking point … Continued

From Special to Universal Needs

Editor’s Note: Author, George Stern, teaches a course for college students studying to be special education teachers. He reminds us that whether holding a live or virtual event, think inclusive from the start. A Cavalcade of Unexpected Things “Hello, and welcome, everybody – how’s it going?” These are the friendly, welcoming words with which I … Continued

DeafBlind: Behind Screens

Editor’s note: As the holidays approach and gatherings ensue, remember that the goal is not to prove yourself, a person who is blind or low vision, as worthy because you’re capable, independent, and mannerly. Enjoy your family and friends. George Stern, who is DeafBlind, shares a personal story about holding himself to an unnecessarily high … Continued

Beyond Letters: The Spirit and Inspiration of the ADA

In the first blog in my Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) series, I introduced readers to the story of Chelsie Reid, a student in early childhood education who was having a hard time getting the practical child care hours required for her program.  In a purely literal sense, the Americans with Disabilities Act has nothing … Continued

Chelsie’s Story: A Call for Community

Sometime in the dog days of summer 2019, say mid-to-late July, a college sophomore named Chelsie Reid called into the syndicated radio program The Breakfast Club Morning Show for their “Get It Off Your Chest” call-in segment. Her issue was one I’m sure many college students can sympathize with: midway through her childcare and early … Continued

“What Did You Say About Frogs”?: Deafblindness, An Incomplete Introduction 

Editor’s note: In recognition of DeafBlind Awareness Month, George Stern shares his personal perspective on deafblindness. George is a deafblind Afro-Caribbean immigrant who’s interested in all things food, linguistic, and social justice. As a French major in college and someone more generally embedded in the Black and immigrant experience in the U.S., his particular interest … Continued